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Alabama Shipyard is one of the largest Dry Dock facilities in Mobile, Alabama.  Situated on Pinto Island alongside the Mobile River, our facility has direct access to Mobile Bay with no "air draft" restrictions for ship and rig repair.

Alabama Shipyard specializes in ship maintenance & repair, overhaul, dry-docking, conversion, recycling and dismantlement services for the domestic and international commercial markets.

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Our rigorous safety and environmentally-conscious business practices make us the premier facility of choice in the region. Safety is at the heart of our business and is priority one in all that we do. Our steadfast commitment to safety has resulted in our being recognized as an industry leader with one of the best safety records in the industry. We are always seeking new, innovative ways to improve upon our safe working conditions. Our progressive environmental programs achieve high productivity and at the same time, propel us forward allowing us to continue to set the standard for a safe workplace. Our keen environmental awareness, well-honed ship repair methodologies, and comprehensive compliance programs are exceptional and stand ready to meet your needs while maintaining superior safety standards.


Our Quality Management System has been certified by ABS Quality Evaluations!  We conform to the requirements as set forth by ISO 9001:2015. Our certification is effective thru 2023.

ABS Quality Certification

Dry Dock Alabama

Alabama Shipyard is one of the largest floating dry docks in the US and is conveniently located on the Gulf Coast. We provide dry-docking services for larger ships trading in and around the Gulf of Mexico region.  With its 46,400 ton capacity and wingwall cranes, it is an impressive dry-dock.

  • Accommodates ships up to Cape size
  • Normal maximum draft over 6 feet keel blocks is 32 feet (9.75 m.)
  • Two 35 metric-ton wingwall cranes
  • Multi-crafted workforce and experienced dry dock crews are available around the clock

Dimensions and Capacity:

  • Overall 787.4 ft. (240 m.)
  • Clear width between fenders 164.1 ft. (50 m.)
  • Width Overall:
    • At pontoon deck 200.1 ft. (61 m.)
    • At wing deck 213.3 ft. (65 m.)
  • Height Overall: 68.9 ft. (21 m.)
  • Pontoon depth at center line: 18.4 ft. (5.6 m.)
  • Freeboard at Sidewalls, at normal submergence: 12.5 ft. (3.8 m.)
  • Normal max draft 6’ Keel Blocks: 32.2 ft. (9.8 m.)
  • Lifting capacity: 46,400 LT
  • Crane hook, max height above rail: 128 ft. (39 m.)
  • Ship hauling and centering trolleys: 2
  • Cranes (2 wing cranes)
    • 5t @ 111.6 ft. R (34 m.)
    • To 35T @ 91.9R (28 m.)

Pier Space

  • 6,000 ft. full service pier space (1,829 meters)
  • 42 ft. water depth
  • 35, 50, 150-ton cranes


Complete full-service shops include:

  • Hull
  • Paint
  • Pipe
  • Electric
  • Carpentry
  • Insulation
  • Rigging
  • Inside Machinery
  • Outside Machinery

Machine Shop

Recent major renovations include reconditioning many machines to original factory tolerances. Metric and U.S. threading capabilities.

Equipment includes:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Full complement of machine tools, presses, and portable boring equipment
  • Lathes for material up to 120-in. diameter X 41 feet long


Two large warehouses and outside storage available.


Our proprietary, progressive technology crafts a comprehensive schedule of events with project costs for the scope of work on vessels to be repaired. This tool allows us to maintain & oversee daily job progress which keeps us on schedule and within the prescribed budget.


We employ a highly-skilled, multi-discipline workforce and we have one of the most comprehensive training and development programs in the industry.  We are committed to equipping our workforce with the training and tools they need to become skilled craftsmen.  This includes:

  • Safety training
  • Craft training
  • Leadership Development
  • Apprenticeship programs


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