An aging population of ships is a worldwide problem. Making the problem go away is a dangerous job. This labor intensive work can be deadly without the proper training, equipment, regulation and the right people to create safe sustainability.

Toxic substances must be properly disposed of to protect communities and the environment. Alabama Shipbreaking is committed to the safe and sustainable recycling of steel and other metals, as well as the proper disposal of hazardous chemicals and materials.

Amos Runner


Metals are not the only things we are recycling. We are repurposing the priceless experience of managers, supervisors, engineers, mechanics, oilers and crane operators who’ve spent decades in the Oil & Gas industry. A wealth of knowledge in cutting,  dismantlement, salvage and decommissioning can be found in the same place—Alabama Shipbreaking.

Our Total Incident Recordable Rate is zero, and has been since inception. We are proud of our flawless record and are currently pursuing ISO Certification for Shipbreaking and Recycling. We value the safety of our people above production. The right equipment and the best training make this possible.


The “Arapaho”, a repurposed Derrick Barge with an 800 ton capacity crane, is used exclusively for dismantlement by recycling. Two 100 ton capacity Yard Crawler cranes and a fleet of material handlers, wheel loaders, Skid Steers, and forklifts are available for processing. A concrete barrier on the procession area as well as an impermeable barrier for environmentally friendly operation make this the ideal location for a retired vessel to meet its end, and find a new beginning.

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